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International Student Voice Magazine Country Ambassadors


Are you committed, energetic, and dedicated?

This is your opportunity to represent your country in the United States!


What is an ISV Magazine Country Ambassador?

Ambassadors work with ISV Magazine to represent international students from their home countries studying at their universities/colleges.

Who are ISV Magazine Country Ambassadors?

ISV Magazine Ambassadors are committed to upholding the highest standards and quality of ISV Magazine and representing their home countries. They are seen as exceptional leaders who show pride, loyalty, and knowledge about their home countries, universities/colleges, and ISV Magazine. Ambassadors are expected to lead the way for current and future international students by being an advocate and voice.

This is the opportunity to represent the international students at your university/college who are from your home country.

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What are the responsibilities of being an ISV Magazine Country Ambassador?

  • Overall, you will serve as the liaison between ISV Magazine and international students from your country at your institution
    • Be a voice for your student peers from your home country and your institution, sharing success stories and challenges
    • Inform ISV Magazine of sponsorship opportunities to assist international student organizations. For example: ISV Magazine could help sponsor a student event, a student organization meeting, etc.
    • Write at least one post each semester about your experience in the United States
    • Inform international students from your home country about scholarship opportunities available from ISV Magazine
    • Share news, events, national holidays, etc. about your home country at least once a month
    • Share news and events at your university/college involving international students from your home country so we can feature them in ISV Magazine. For example: Indian students organizing the annual Diwali celebration or Chinese students celebrating the new year.
    • Support ISV Magazine via social media by promoting posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest.
    • Be available for conference calls with the ISV Magazine team

What are the benefits of being an ISV Magazine Country Ambassador?

Provides a unique opportunity for educational growth, which can give you an edge in the classroom. Provides you with a competitive edge on your future college, scholarship, and job applications by helping you answer questions related to leadership and volunteerism. Upon completion of being a successful country ambassador we would happily serve as a reference for you.

Who qualifies to be an ISV Magazine Country Ambassador?

We are looking for the following qualities in students:

  • Ability to take initiative, express independent thinking and accomplish goals
  • A passion of giving through service
  • Organizational skills and the ability to stay on track of completing tasks
  • Not afraid to reach out to international students and share resources provided by ISV Magazine
  • Stays current with events in his/her home country
  • Willing to commit being a Country Ambassador for 1 year
  • Current full time or part time international student at a U.S. university or college

What is the selection process?

If you are interested in applying to be a Country Ambassador, please complete the application below. You must provide a resume, essay, and the names and contact information for two references. References must be faculty or staff members at your university/college. References will be sent a separate online form to be completed.

Once we receive the completed form from your references we will set a time to interview you. Those who complete a successful interview will be selected as the Country Ambassador.

  • 29th Mar, 2015

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