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The Mission of International Student Voice

ISV serves as a trusted friend and advocate for all students. Students not only share their true experiences, they also gain the opportunity to expand their knowledge about the world from their peers. By providing a venue, which encourages understanding and advocacy, we take a step forward to bringing peace in our world.

The History of International Student Voice

Just like many International students studying in the United States, there are so many things you wish you knew before starting this unique journey. You leave your home with a suitcase, a flutter in your stomach and a smile on your face as you head to a new land for a once in a lifetime opportunity.You’re not quite sure what to expect, but you’re excited anyway. The same can be said for U.S. American students studying abroad or completing an internship abroad.

You arrive with an open mind and thirsty for a new adventure. But it doesn’t take away the nervousness you feel and the hoping that someone will come along your path to help you along the way.

The team of International Student Voice has been in your shoes. If you are a new international student studying in the United States, an American student overseas, or a student who wrapped up his/her studies several years ago, we can all agree: It’s nice to have a trusted friend and mentor to guide you along the way, no matter what your new journey in life may be.

ISV was created in the summer of 2011 by a team of former and current International students and journalists who have a strong interest in helping students succeed and promoting the importance of diversity and advocacy on a global level through higher education.

By reading ISV, students will be able to read first-hand stories from students just like them. Students will learn from their peers and have somewhere to turn when they have questions. ISV also helps provide an insight for university administrators, wondering what students are concerned about so institutions can provide better resources for success. Lastly, students can take more of an advocacy role in the world around them by sharing thoughts and opinions on real world events unraveling before our eyes.

ISV is your tool and resource to share your experiences to help others. Our success depends on you. Your voice is our strength. If you are interested in contributing to our online publication, please visit our ‘Your Voice Matters’ tab at the top of the page.

We hope to hear from you soon!

The International Student Voice Team

  • 8th Oct, 2011

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