Looking Back at ISV Magazine in 2013

ISV 2013 review
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As the year 2013 comes to a close, we take a look back at our most popular articles and what made major ISV Magazine news!

Studying Abroad in Costa Rica

international student voice paige jones


Our friend Paige blogged from Costa Rica! We were with her every step of the way when she studied abroad for the first time.

From what she packed to survive, to the tearful goodbye, you can read all about Paige’s journey by clicking here.



Finding Courage to Study in the United States

Read Nandar's previous article where she explains how she decided to study in the U.S.
Mya Yee Nandar shared how her journey to study in the United States began with a single snake.

Nandar from Burma, also known as Myanmar, speaks out for the first time about the civil war in her home country and how a single snake began her journey to study in the United States. Read her inspiring story here.

Nandar later shared her thoughts about how her home country can move forward for a better future:

Like Crabs in a Basket, Part One

Like Crabs in a Basket, Part Two


Love Conquers All!

Are you an international couple and would like to share your story?
We had wonderful stories to share during Valentine’s Day 2013


Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays! In 2013, we featured four couples who showed us love conquers all! We reached out to our readers to see who was dating someone from a different country and we found these inspiring stories.

international student voice magazine monrada jia-haw

I am a Prisoner of Your Love, Jia-Haw Chiem (Malaysia) and Monrada Yamkasikorn (Thailand)



international student voice mariya yurianAmerica Connected Us

Mariya Sultanova (Kazakhstan) and Yurian Rodriguez (Cuba)


international student voice magazine Monica and BradLove Spouts from Mis-Communication

Xiao Lu (China) and Brad Rosen (United States)





international student voice Diaz and Karen

Love Makes Life Beautiful

Miguelangel Diaz (Venezuela) and Yi Ting (Taiwan)





ISV Magazine Scholarship Winners

international student voice  magazine Adriana PulidoAdriana Pulido from Colombia studying at the University of Florida won the International Student Voice Magazine spring scholarship! Her prize was $750.

Students had to write an essay answering the following question: “How will studying in another country help you achieve your career goal(s)?”

Read her winning essay here!



Priyanka 2Priyanka Singh from Nepal studying at Southeastern Louisiana University received the International Student Voice Magazine summer scholarship! Her prize was worth $750.

Students had to answer the following questions:

1. What do you consider to be the biggest challenge international students face while studying in the United States?

2. How will this scholarship help you achieve your long term goal(s)?

Read her winning essay here!


Volunteering as ISV Ambassadors

international student voice ambassadorsThese students helped us spread the word about International Student Voice Magazine! They also wrote articles about events and activities happening at their universities.

International Education Week-Portland Community College Da Hyun Kim

International Education Week-Oklahoma State University Jahaziel Hiriart

“Country Spotlights” Help Educate Others About Different Countries William Koenig

–>Learn more about being an ISV Ambassador.

Oh, Canada!

international student voice magazine flag-day-canadaWe celebrated Canada Day on July 1!

We wanted to be a little bit more Canadian, so we shared the top seven ways to celebrate this holiday. Learn more about the holiday, the history of Canada, and some things the country is most famous for! Click here.

Did you know we have International Student Voice Magazine Canada? Yes, it’s true!

Visit our Canadian website at www.isvmag.ca



Thanks to you, we were voted “Favorite Student Website” for the INTO Web Awards!

INTO web award winner

We grabbed 43% of the votes! Thank you so much!


International Student News

We followed all news related to international students, the good and the bad. international student voice magazine lu lingzi

Some highlights included:

International Student Taken Advantage Of

International Students Targeted by Robbers

Memorial Scholarship Fund for International Student Killed in Boston Marathon Bombings

$125 Tickets Given to International Student Tourists




National & International News

We also covered national and international news as it related to international students. Major headlines included:

international student voice magazine storage.canoe.caWhat Does the U.S. Government Shutdown Mean?

Back to Work! The U.S. Government Shutdown Ends

Iran Nuclear Deal to Benefit Iranian Students

The Growing Trends & Economic Impact of International & Study Abroad Students



Immigration Resources

We shared a variety of immigration resources, from different types of visas and different paths to U.S. citizenship:

MANVI Program: Direct U.S. Citizenship Without Green Card

10 Tips Networking as an International Student in the U.S.

Starting a Business as an International Student

Looking at the Number of Nonimmigrant Visas Issued 2008-2012


Bragging about International Students

international student voice magazine yang zeng
Yang Zeng from China was hired by the Akron Symphony

We featured international students who are doing amazing things!

Burnin’ Strings on the Violin

A Darfui Genocide Victim’s Educational Pursuits

AISO: We Are the Winning Generation

Be an Ambassador: Speak Out About Your Culture




Amazing Interns!

We had several interns who wrote amazing articles for International Student Voice Magazine. Our current intern is Rustam Niyazov, check out his latest articles!

Rustam Niyazov photo15 Things That Amazed me in the U.S. as a Foreigner

War and Peace: What Do You Know About the Middle East?

The 5 Major Differences on U.S. Foreign Policy: the U.S. President vs. Congress




Thank you for an amazing year!

What’s Coming in 2014?

Click here to read more about what’s featured in our winter 2014 issue!


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  1. A lot of stories for one year. The topics and themes covered are relevant and important to international students. Thanks ISV!

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