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halloween safety tips by international student voice magazine
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Halloween is definitely a fun holiday, but there are a few tips we have to make sure you have a safe time celebrating.


OK, you’re thinking how could my COSTUME possibly hurt me?

1. Contact Lenses

Well, one thing you need to be careful about is using different colored contact lenses. Check out model/actress Heidi Klum below.

Photo courtesy of Reuters, Fred Prouser. Retrieved from foxnews.com
Photo courtesy of Reuters, Fred Prouser. Retrieved from foxnews.com

Yes, these contact lenses make her look more like a scary kitty. But these types of lenses can be very dangerous.

Unregulated contact lenses can do SERIOUS damage to your eyes. Unregulated means they are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and were more than likely brought into the country illegally.

We’re talking about going blind. There are horrible photos of what these lenses do to your eyes. It grossed us out, if you want to see just Google “illegal colored contact lenses”.

Where NOT to buy contact lenses:

  • Halloween shops/stores
  • Novelty/souvenir shops
  • Beauty stores
  • Online websites that don’t require prescriptions

If you want fun contact lenses, please go to your eye doctor and get a pair that fits your prescription. It may cost more, but we can all agree it’s better than going blind.

2. Fake Weapons

For your own safety and the safety of your friends, don’t have a costume that involves you carrying a fake weapon. At first glance, it may be hard to tell if your weapon is real or fake and could get you into a lot of trouble.

international student voice magazine realgunv.fakegun
Can you tell which gun is real and which one is fake?

The gun on the left with the orange tip is the real gun. During Halloween police will be using extreme caution for good reason, to keep all of you safe. If they can’t tell if your weapon is real or fake, they will probably approach you and take it away. Plus, it may scare other students as well.

There are SO many costume options. Our advice: skip the weapons.


A major component of Halloween in any university/college town is drinking and going to parties. If you choose to do so, here are our tips.

1. Go with Friends

It seems simple, but we have to say it. Don’t go anywhere by yourself. Or if you go to a party, don’t be left alone and don’t leave your friends alone. If you’re going somewhere with a group, make sure you have everyone’s phone number.

If you’re at a party and you get “that feeling” when you think something is not right, get your friends and leave. Trust your instinct.

2. Don’t Drink to Get Drunk

We know, being drunk is the typical culture of being in college in the U.S. Most college students are going to be “blizted out of their minds”. You’ll hear, “I’m SO wasted!”

international student voice magazine wasted

The point of the party is to have fun, not be the most wasted one there. When you drink too much, you become a burden on your friends and obviously lose good judgement.

If you choose to drink, KNOW YOUR LIMIT. When you start to feel “buzzed”, meaning you can feel the effects of the alcohol we recommend taking a break.

Plus, have you ever had a hangover? Ugh, who wants that.

3. Don’t Drink Something From an Open Container

While we’re talking about drinking, if a stranger hands you a drink and it’s already opened or it’s in a cup, don’t drink it. Never take a drink from a stranger that’s already opened. We’re not trying to suck the fun out of Halloween, but if you don’t know the person it’s better to be safe and not drink whatever they just gave you.

And more importantly, keep an eye on your drink. Don’t set your drink on a table, go to the bathroom, and come back to continue drinking it. Keep your drink with you.


1. Don’t Drink and Drive

If you had anything to drink, DON’T DRIVE. It’s not worth the risk. Police will be on HIGH ALERT to watch for drunk drivers and they will be checking people more than usual during Halloween. Play it safe and plan to walk to parties and/or downtown.

If you plan to walk, again, be sure to be with your friends.

Make sure your costume is functional so you can still drive your car.
Make sure your costume is functional so you can still drive your car.

2. Be Extra Careful Driving

If you choose to drive, just be extra careful. Tons of college students will be walking around in costumes. Some will probably be drunk, so they’re not paying attention. Go slow, don’t rush. If possible, plan to go another route where you can avoid large crowds of students.

We hope you found these tips helpful.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!



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