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Your voice is our strength. We really mean it.

Welcome to International Student Voice. We are a group of former and current international students, as well as U.S. Americans who care about advocating and supporting international students and study abroad students.

As you’re reading through our first issue, you will find several stories about students traveling around the world, their first experience being in the United States, what life is really like after graduation and much more. We create the medium for you to educate and help each other by sharing your own experiences and wisdom with other students.We hope the stories not only provide you helpful information, but you also relate to these stories and perhaps, send a smile across your face.

But ISV is meant to be your advocate as well. You should not be afraid to voice your opinion or share your concerns regarding any issues, if it’s at your institution or something on a national or global level. You should not be afraid to bring light to any issues, regardless of your status in a particular country or think there is no one listening.We are listening and we make sure others hear you too. It’s time for our generation of students to take more of a stand in our future and truly believe we can make a positive difference in the world around us.

Lastly, we want to hear about all the great programs, student organizations and initiatives at your university’s campus. An affective program, organization or initiative create goals ensuring students are successful, transition well into the university environment and provide leadership opportunities for students. If a program, organization or initiative comes to your mind, we encourage you to write about it for our Leading the Way category of ISV.

Our team is very excited and humbled to start a way for international and study abroad students to unite in one, strong voice. If it’s writing articles, having one of our staff members write a story about you, expressing your opinion or leaving comments after each article, each one is a step toward making the world of education better for you and future students.
Please enjoy!

the International Student Voice team

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