International Students Inspire Fire Prevention Workshop

fire prevention
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The death of two international students inspired a fire prevention workshop to educate others at Emporia State University.

Zheng Lin, 22, from China was studying for her master’s degree in in the Department of English, Modern Languages, and Journalism.

Yawei Fan, 23, was a sophomore studying chemistry.

On October 20, 2011 both students passed away from a fire at their off-campus apartment. Fan was pronounced dead at the scene. Lin was taken to the hospital, but later passed away.

Their deaths inspired a fire prevention workshop coordinated by Emporia State University and the Emporia Fire Department. During the workshop students learn how to prevent fires and stay safe in their homes. Students are busy and sometimes don’t pay attention to certain things that may cause a fire.

The most common cause of apartment fires according to Campus Firewatch:

  • Lack of automatic fire sprinklers
  • Missing or disabled smoke alarms
  • Careless disposal of smoking materials
  • Impaired judgment from alcohol consumption
  • Fires forming on upholstered furniture, decks, or porches

Please watch this fire to learn more about how you can prevent a fire where you live.

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