The One Pot, One Pan Story

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What do you need to survive in the United States? When it comes to the essentials for cooking, Rohan Valvekar learned best from his aunt, all you need is one pot and one pan.

For this post I would sincerely like to thank my Aunt for helping me out with my student life in USA.

Till I landed into Akron Airport, I was half way to starting my Independent Student Life. But when I reached my university, that was the moment when I completely started living independently.

Now most of the student who often travel to USA, either have some natives living on the campus or in the apartments nearby. Hence the new comers do not have any problem with blending in.

I started my student life, in a very different way. I had to find my own ways to deal with the problems that arise and i had to make quick solutions to the problems that were in front of me.

Now you must all be thinking, then why I have titled this post as “The 1 Pan 1 Pot story” ?

In my knowledge, most of the Indian Students who travel to USA for starting their student life, pack all the utensils with the guidance from their parents. And they almost pack all the stuff that a kitchen needs in India. Well i mean to say all the essentials.

Anyways, coming back to the story. I did not pack any kitchen stuff in India. I did not pack any stuff in California. But I told my aunt that what exactly would I be needing to survive in States.

Logically speaking, a student should always spend time working with his academics, rather than spending it in the kitchen. It is observed that most of the time is often spent in the Kitchens, preparing meals. So i had studied the pattern about what all is and can be available to prepare delicious meals under 30 minutes. And that too Vegetarian.

So as per what I had told her, I will quote the exact words, that we communicated.

I need 1 Pan, preferred a shallow pan, and 1 pot, preferred as a small one for my kitchen.

When I told her my specifications, she was kind of surprised about the fact that how will I be able to make any kind of meals in these two pieces of kitchenware!!

But I did it. I survived six whole months with 1 Pan and 1 Pot.

The Pan – You can practically make anything, from cooking to frying.
The Pan – You can practically make anything, from cooking to frying.
The Small Pot – With which you can do anything, from boiling to Cooking to frying
The Small Pot – With which you can do anything, from boiling to Cooking to frying


Now enough with the story, lets get down to the secrets of this….

Well a small pot can be used from boiling tea, coffee, water till cooking rice and potatoes. You can practically do anything with a small pot. One small pot can be sufficient enough for one person.

At first I was also confused over, how can I do all the things with these two kitchen equipment.

But the main thing that I learned about a student life was, that we should always try to be curious, learn new stuff and always find solutions to the obstacles that we face. And with this principle, people eventually try to learn what all they can and they curiously live the student life.

We often in our own individual lives, keep on either trying to procrastinate the solutions to the problems, or either just avoid the problems that seem to be very difficult and strenuous to resolve. If we think for a moment about those moments, then we come to an answer that we have a substitute way that can either make the problem go away, or just make that problem temporarily fade away.

But in the course of time, those problems often pop up when you are least expecting, or they just pop up to give a surprise. Both of the possibilities, can throw you in a hyper state of anxiety and panic. That is why life is planned such that one has to learn and move forward.

Well with what i said right now, I am not the master in philosophy, but this is what I learned with the student life. We should always learn, make solutions and implement them if needed regularly.

So with this newly acquired principle, I started cooking all most all the food stuff that i could. With the limited amount of resources, I could learn to create something beautiful which I could taste happily and I could cherish.

The limited resources taught me many things about life, survival, living, how to be satisfied with what we have and many more. The best part of 1 Pan, 1 Pot is that I solved most of the cooking problems, that came crawling when i decided what to cook today.

Definitely I failed in some attempts, but these two kitchen equipment surely taught me lessons towards leading a life, when you have limited amount of resources and especially, when you are a student.

Life is beautiful if learn about it. Life is a guide, a mentor, a teacher for everyone. It teaches you many things. Many people just make fun of the priceless life, many people actually learn few important lessons, while many of them learn, live and cherish life, as they realize the importance of the life.

The 1 Pan 1 Pot experience truly made me realize, that tough paths lead to simple life, and simple life leads to beautiful moments.


rohan valvekar international student voice magazineWritten by Rohan Valvekar

Home Country: India

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