The Benefits of International Students on U.S. Students

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A recent study concluded there are several benefits international students have on U.S. students. We already know international students are great, but thought we’d share what this study said with our readers.

Researchers at Duke University examined the impact international students have on U.S. students. A survey was distributed in 2005 to 5,676 U.S. alumni  at four highly selective universities who graduated in 1985, 1995, and 2000.

Respondents were asked questions regarding the extent which they interacted with students from outside the U.S. 

Results that were expected from interacting with international students:

  • Learned to speak a foreign language 
  • How to relate to people of different cultures

Results that were NOT expected from interacting with international students:

  • Ability to question own beliefs and values 
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge independently
  • Formulate creative ideas
  • Integrate ideas and information
  • Achieve quantitative abilities
  • Understand the role of science and technology in society
  • Gain in-depth knowledge in a specific field

Graduates who reported high levels of interaction with international students reported “significantly higher levels of skill development” than those who reported little or no interaction.

The authors of the study say when one encounters someone of a different background and ideas, it produces “cognitive disequilibrium”, which promotes intellectual growth.

Or simply: international students are rubbing off on their American friends.

Read the VERY long version of the study by clicking here.
Summarized information because we didn’t feel like reading the long version was provided by Business Week.

Thank you international students!

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