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Welcome Gabriela Laguna Leon, our newest international student blogger who will be sharing how to stay healthy and happy while studying in the United States.


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My name is Gabriela Laguna Leon and I am an international student from Venezuela. I came to the USA with a tennis scholarship and I went to Stillman College (Alabama). Now I transferred, so I’m currently playing for Walsh University (Ohio). I am also an ambassador for International Student Voice Magazine and with this blog I will share how being in the USA has been for me!

It’s has been a beautiful disaster, with many ups and downs, but overall a wonderful experience. With this blog what I want to share is my life style, all my experiences with the food when I first came, those “freshman 15″… yeaa I was there for a while too, and my passion for tennis and fitness.

Freshman 15: A saying used mostly in the United States and Canada that refers to the 15 pounds of weight gained during a student’s first year in college.

I started playing tennis when I was 13 and I found my passion there… I was pretty normal and I ate EVERYTHING literally… But of course a lot of tennis wasn’t going to help with my crazy eating habits for too long. Later I found many fitness inspirations, so I read a lot from fitness coaches and models. I started to get very involved with fitness, so I’ve been with this I wont say very consistently in the past until NOW! Now is the real deal… I really want to see some abs… I want also become a personal trainer and an IFBB Fitness Bikini model and for that I need a lot of DISCIPLINE.

What I want to accomplish with this blog is to show you how to live a healthy lifestyle, especially because maybe you are also in college or you are also an international student and what  we usually have back home (food) is not quite the same. But believe me, I’ve been here a year and a half already and yes I got some of those freshman 15… And not because I eat like a starving homeless person (sometimes I do, I’ll be honest) but the food is different and I wanted to try it! Now I’m finally be able to control this a little bit and I’ve learned, plus I love to cook and to eat very very healthy! This is why I would like to show how my journey is and if you like you can try some of the recipes I will share!

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ISV Ambassador and Blogger

Walsh University



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