International PhD Student Accused of Spying and High Treason in Tajikistan

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A PhD student from the University of Toronto was arrested in Tajikistan for espionage and reportedly charged with treason. Read more.

Alexander Sodiqov, 31 is a Tajik citizen who for the past three years has been working his PhD at the University of Toronto. He is married with a one-year-old daughter. He was in the Gorno-Badakhshan region of Tajikistan completing fieldwork on conflict resolution when he was arrested on June 16.

Reporters in the country said he was arrested for suspicion of spying for an unnamed country after he met with a civil society activist. Reporters also said police searched his mother’s house in the Tajikistan capital of Dushanbe and removed a computer. The media continues to report Sodiqov is current at a pretrial detention facility in the Tajikistan capital.

Read more about this story and sign the campaign for his release by visiting International Student Voice Magazine Canada.

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