Three Steps to Success for International Students

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Many International students face obstacles when studying in a new country. One student shares her simple steps that lead her to success while studying in Canada. These steps are helpful, no matter where you’re studying!

Yan Ding (Sammi)  is an international student from China currently studying Nursing at Cambrian College located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Sammi shares three simple steps that can help international students succeed while studying away from home. 

Setting goals, having confidence, and persistence have helped me as an international student.
First, it is important to set a goal. In my opinion, international students should set a goal for themselves rather than only focusing on fun.

Yan Ding (Sammi)

Second, students should be more confident. No matter the situation, I always tell myself “I can do it.” In Canada, there are many chances for students, such as scholarships and work opportunities. We always have the equal chance with local people and must have confidence to try.

Third, persistence is important. As a international student we may have a great number of difficulties like communicating in another language. But, please do not be afraid of these challenges, I trust that we can cross them by persistence.

When I first arrived in Canada I set a goal for myself. I wanted to be in the nursing program; even if I needed to wait two years because of limited enrollment. So, first I chose early childhood to be my major. I did not give up because I believed in myself. I believed I had the ability to attend the nursing program. I told the school that I have a Chinese nursing license and one year working experience in China. At the same time I provided a course outline to the nursing program to show what I learned before. They told me that they still could not give me a definite answer. One week later, I gained admission into the nursing program. Now I always remember that maybe I would not have been able to attend the nursing program without confidence and persistence. I would like to share my story with other students.

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