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March 22, 2012

Yesterday was a day in which hundreds of SASers have been longing and waiting in anticipation for—the Sea Olympics.  Upon boarding the ship we were all placed in “Seas” according to the decked we lived on. Myself and 72 other rambunctious SASers make up the Baltic Sea, which is comprised of one Super Mario Bros. Gameboy champion, one break dancer, one competitive online Pokemon gamer, one rapper and a whole lot of other crazy.

Classes were canceled for the day and our morning started bright and early (for college students, that is) at 10am with opening ceremonies.  Athletes were of the highest caliber—Nothing but blood, sweat and tears were poured out onto the pool deck. Only high intensity events such as mash potato carving, flip cup, hula-hoop, synchronized swimming, volleyball, dodgeball, crab soccer and tug-o-war took place.  I was chosen to be team captain for volleyball and am very happen to announce that we came out champions!

Although I felt my heart break into two when it was announced that our team took second (I get into these things!)  I still had such an amazing day. And hey, we got the sportsmanship award which is TOTALLY better than placing first… right?!?

We are currently off to Singapore.  I will update with pics from India as soon as I can.

Peace&Love from absolutely the middle of nowhere-


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