Spring 2013 Scholarship Finalist: Meiping Li

international student voice magazine Meiping Li
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Meiping Li from China studying at the University of Indianapolis is one of our 12 finalists for the ISV Magazine scholarship. Read her essay here!

My goals in my nursing education is not only for learning the advanced nursing theory and nursing skills, but also for providing the best possible nursing care for people. Studying in the United State for advanced nursing theory and skills is very critical to my career goal.

I have been a nurse for 11 years in China and I gained a great deal of experience in my profession. Undoubtedly, I enjoyed my job in my country and I believe I was a good nurse. When, in 2003, SARS was spreading rapidly and medical professionals were essential, I was proud to be a member of that group. I still remember clearly the feeling when I cared for SARS patients. They were fighting for their lives, and we were the people who helped them fight. After the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, I volunteered to help care for the wounded. I told myself that I would do my best to help these victims, and to help the people who need us in this world. To me, nursing is far beyond being a mere career, but a dream for giving the best care to patients throughout my life.

However, I was always challenged when I confronted an unfamiliar nursing situation when I was a nurse in China. For example, communicating with a patient who comes from another country is always a great challenge for most Chinese nurses. Furthermore, how to take care of a foreign patient in a proper way is another problem I have been confronted with. More importantly, when I was sick in the United States and treated in the local hospital, I was impressed by the nursing care here in the U.S.; I experienced completely different medical and nursing care services compared to those we have in China. I found that American nursing services are very meticulous and thorough; nurses have the greatest respect for the needs of their patients, and they have a clear and precise labor division. Thus I was eager to improve in both my professional theory and clinical practice. So I decided to apply to study in the United States to pursue a greater vision for my nursing career.

My faith in and dedication to my nursing career are stable and clear, and I am now a nursing student in the U.S. To give the best nursing care and the most advanced nursing practice and skills to my patients, I keep moving forward in my studies in hopes that I will realize my potential to deliver top-quality care. My international nursing education will offer a most powerful help in achieving my nursing dream and will guide me to make the greatest difference both to my patients and to the world.

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3 thoughts on “Spring 2013 Scholarship Finalist: Meiping Li

  1. Wow, today would be my long day( I have a lot of study waiting for me), but today would be my happy day for being in the finalist. THANK YOU to International Student Voice, to all of the participants and all of the staff working for that. I appreciate !!!!

    And Good Luck to all of the participants.

    By the way, is the people on the finalist are the winers, or still need to be selected until March 25th ?

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