“Illusion” A Short Film

international student voice charlie
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Chaoli (Charlie) Sun, an international student from China shares with International Student Voice Magazine a short film he created to show us his experience being rejected from a film school.

“I got rejected by a film school and was doubting myself,” Charlie said. “I got drunk and stumbled to a room with a mirror. Then I saw a deep voice inside me, the noble soul. First, I thought it was just an illusion. Then I became frustrated and vulnerable. The soul knows me without words because he is me. He pulled out two photos to remind me that I used to be good and my family will always support me. I felt better and the illusion was gone.”

Charlie created this short film by himself, including the music. “The main point of this video is, when you’re feeling down, the voice deep inside you will remind you that you are good and your family will always support you.”

Illusion from charlie sun on Vimeo.


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