Pay U.S. Tuition in Rupees and Yuan with Western Union

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Students from India and China are offered the option of paying U.S. tuition in their home currencies through Western Union Business Solutions.

The goal of Western Union Business Solutions is to help universities simplify the process for sending and receiving international payments and recently added new options for students from India and China to pay their U.S. tuition in their home currencies.

This video explains how international students can use Western Union to pay tuition.

India and China are the largest markets for international students in the United States, but until recently, universities didn’t have the ability to receive payments from these countries in local currency. To make paying tuition an easier process for both the student and the institution, Western Union started providing this option of payment for Indian students in July 2012. For Chinese students, it started about three months ago.

international student voice western union
Graphic provided by Western Union


Students in India also have the option of being able to pay from their homes by calling a toll-free number and requesting a house visit. They would be visited from a Western Union agent in India.

In China, Western Union partnered with ChinaPay, the online and mobile payments subsidiary of UnionPay, the bankcard association in China.

Western Union Business Solutions provides international payments and foreign exchange in more than 135 currencies.

“Everyone knows and loves Western Union, we work with literally hundreds of universities domestically and internationally,” explained Ben Kavalec, Vice President of Commercial Sales for Western Union Business Solutions. “We take our partnerships seriously and we have the best interest of all clients and doing this the right way. We have a strong presence in India, China, and other countries sending students overseas and that makes a big difference.”

If you would like to see if you can pay your U.S. tuition with Western Union Business Solutions, contact your university/college bursar’s office or log in to your bursar’s account.

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