Miracle in Costa Rica

international student voice Paige in Costa Rica
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“I never believed in miracles until I saw one.” Paige shares what miracle she witnessed while studying abroad in Costa Rica.

After touring my Costa Rican host town Heredia for five hours, a couple friends and I decided to grab some ice cream to beat the 80-degree heat. As we started walking, one girl asked us to walk a little bit slower so she could keep pace with us. Unfortunately, she had recently broken her leg playing soccer and was struggling to walk in her brace.

We slowed our pace, and I asked her how she was feeling. She told me this was the longest she had walked on her knee after surgery, and that it was starting to ache.

After seven blocks, we still had not spotted an ice cream shop. Our friend was starting to walk slower and limp more.

As we passed through Parque Central, an American man holding hands with a smaller woman stopped us.

“You guys are Americans, right?” he asked, noticing our non-Hispanic looks.


I nervously glanced around, not sure how to react. However, my friends responded for me, and striking up a conversation with him and his wife. He told us he had previously traveled on a world tour show for a year before meeting his wife. After tying the knot, they moved to Costa Rica in early January to open a coffee shop with some friends, he said.

Upon noticing her brace, he turned to our injured friend and asked her how she was feeling.

“Fine, I mean it hurts a little, but I’m OK,” she responded.

“But what level of pain are you at? Like if 1 is no pain and 10 is extreme pain, what number are you at?” he persisted.

“Probably like a 6,” our friend admitted with a smile.

“I think I can help you,” the man replied, kneeling down on the ground and gently placing both hands around our friend’s injured knee.

He then began to pray over her knee, asking God to take away the pain and help her recover quickly.

After a minute of his quiet prayers, he stood up and told my friend to take a step forward. She stepped forward, and her jaw dropped.

“I don’t have any more pain! It hurt pretty bad, and there’s just nothing now,” she said in a surprised tone.

The man said it was the power of Jesus Christ and having faith. He recommended we join his Bible study group, and then bid us good-bye, strolling away with his wife.

Our injured friend was still in shock. With shaking hands, she took off her brace and began walking. But this time, without pain.

“My knee feels a little weak, but there is absolutely no pain in my knee right now,” she confirmed, shaking her head. She walked the next five blocks without a brace or any help before stopping in front of us.

“If you didn’t believe before, you do now.”

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  1. I cannot wait to read more stories like this! Our God is still working just like His Word says. Paige, thank you for sharing!
    Blessings on your journey and stay in Costa Rica,

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