Bieber Busted for DUI, Drag Racing

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Justin Bieber makes headlines again! The pop star was arrested in Miami, Florida. What does this mean for his immigration status? Here’s our opinion.

Miami, FL– Justin Bieber was arrested for the first time ever for suspicion of DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) and drag racing on January 23. He was supposedly having tests done to indicate his blood alcohol level. Those test results haven’t been released yet. According to CNN, Bieber told police he had beer, marijuana, and a prescription drug. A judge set his bond at $2,500.

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Yes, arrested for the first time. If you remember, just a few weeks ago the “Egg-Gate” scandal happened. Bieber’s neighbor said the pop star threw eggs at his house, causing $20,000 worth of damage. Bieber’s house was searched for evidence, but he was never arrested. This is still under investigation.

There was also a time he allegedly beat up someone in the Hamptons in 2013, but thanks to his attorneys he never faced aggravated felony charges.

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Seems like another celebrity living the reckless lifestyle. So why are we discussing this?

Friendly reminder: Bieber is a Canadian citizen on an O-1 visa in the United States. Does a DUI make him inadmissible to the United States?

My answer is no. Here’s why:

Generally, the U.S. doesn’t deny someone entry with a DUI conviction

First, he was arrested under the “suspicion”. So my guess we have to wait and see what the blood alcohol level was.

Second, a DUI charge is more often than not a misdemeanor, especially if this is his first time being arrested. Misdemeanors don’t have as harsh consequences as felonies. Generally speaking, the U.S. doesn’t deny someone entry with a DUI conviction, so I doubt this will have any affect on Bieber’s status in the U.S.

Being drunk and reckless driving are NOT crimes of moral turpitude

Being drunk and reckless driving are not considered crimes of “moral turpitude”. I know what you’re thinking, what in the world does that mean?

A general definition is that moral turpitude refers to “conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals.” So,  a person commits a crime fully aware what he/she did was wrong and immoral.

Check out the wikipedia page about moral turpitude. It gives a pretty good overview of what is considered crimes involving and not involving moral turpitude.

I’d like to point out this chart shows that “malicious destruction of property” is a crime of moral turpitude. “Assault” can go either way. So I argue that “Egg-Gate” and the alleged assault on the guy in the Hamptons would fall into the “moral turpitude” category. Again, Bieber never faced charges for these incidents, so he’s off the hook for now.

In conclusion, of all the things Bieber has done or “allegedly” done, the only thing that could potentially get him deported is “Egg-Gate” because it would be a felony charge (damage was more than $400) and it would be considered a crime of moral turpitude. That is, if he’s ever arrested and charged.

What’s funny about this situation? The general rule is that Canada does NOT allow persons with DUI’s to enter the country. Will Bieber get to ever go back home?! That’s me asking sarcastically. I’m sure Canada will make an exception.

Disclaimer: Not in any way am I a qualified immigration attorney, but as Editor in Chief of International Student Voice Magazine it’s my responsibility to keep updated on immigration regulations for the benefit of our readers. This is me giving an opinion based on my general understanding of criminal immigration law. If you find yourself in any type of situation involving the law, please seek a qualified and experienced criminal immigration attorney.

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