Fill Those Empty Pockets: Find Money to Study Abroad

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Raising cash to travel isn’t as hard as what you may think. If you’re willing and dedicated you can fill those pockets in no time!

How You Can Raise Money For Your Own Adventure

If you are inspired by Abbie’s story of volunteering in Africa or just to travel to a different country for the experience, here are some tips gathered by the ISV team from a variety of sources to help make your trip a reality! Once you raise the money try using MyTab to keep track of your funds.

1. Create an information packet or website. Create some kind of folder or website where it contains information short and sweet about your trip. This can be information about the country, the purpose of your trip, the nonprofit agency you are working for, etc. Also include information about yourself so it feels like people are getting to know you. If you plan to hand out folders,¬† in each folder write an introduction letter and customize it to each person and/or business you plan to give it to. It makes it more personal. Read an example of Abbie’s letter: Abbie_Morneault_Fundraising_Letter . If you decide to create a website you can incorporate a donations button so people can donate money online. This is a great resource to have if you are asking for money and applying for scholarships. Click here to see an example we found just using Google!

2. Make a list. If it’s a spreadsheet or a hand-written list, be sure to have a place where you can keep track of contact information and interactions with individuals and businesses. If you plan to ask for donations this will help you stay organized and not accidentally ask the same person twice for money. It could easily happen if you plan to ask a lot of people for donations.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask. You have experience asking for money believe it or not. If you can ask your parents for gas money or money for the movies, clothes, anything, then you can ask anyone for money. Your dentist, where you get your oil changed, professors, friends, family, the list goes on. You may be surprised how many people will want to help you.

4. Go local. You may be surprised, but local businesses would love to have the opportunity to help a student. It could be a local business in your college town or a local business back home. It’s also¬† better to go local because local businesses don’t have to go through all the bureaucratic paperwork to give you the money.

5. Sell your stuff online. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. If you have a ton of stuff around the house you don’t use anymore, try selling it on eBay or CraigsList.If it’s easier, to a garage sale instead.

6. Become a blog writer. Try looking for blogs in need of writers. This may involve writing a post a day and getting paid $15 for each post. Check out websites such as

7. Yum, baked goods. If you are good in the kitchen and creative, then a simple bake sale just might do it. Adding a twist to something simple, such as a cupcake or a cookie could really turn in a profit.

8. Organize an event. It can be an event you organize and it be something simple, such as organizing an event on campus. If you market it right, businesses and other folks will be willing to pay a registration fee to be at your event.

9. Be a tutor. If you are really good at something, either math or playing golf, post some fliers and offer group sessions or private sessions.

10. Part Time Job. You knew it was coming. Of course getting a part time job will help you raise money for your trip. Just be sure you are able to balance out your schedule so you’re not pushing yourself to the max.

11. Apply for Scholarships/Contests. There are so many ways to earn scholarships, it’s kind of crazy. Some examples include and check out our story about the study abroad video contest sponsored by International Student Insurance. If you find a scholarship you qualify for, apply! Apply to as many as possible. The earlier you start your scholarship search the more scholarships you can apply for. We recommend visiting the Scholarship Coach on a weekly basis for information on new scholarships and deadlines.


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  1. This is incredibly helpful! I know many students who would love to experience study abroad and they just need the financial support for it. I myself am following these useful links as well, specially the last one for scholarship. I appreciate your understanding in regard to students’ needs!

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