In Denial

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My decision to study abroad in Costa Rica seemed like a good decision until now.

I saw Costa Rica as a 5-month vacation, a break from the stressful semesters at American University and fast-paced work frenzy of D.C. I knew that adjusting to my host family, learning Spanish and adapting to this new country would be hard, but I’ve done it before as a military brat. But it still seems surreal.

The woods in Kansas

Now my friends have returned to D.C., my sisters back in college, and my parents and younger brother are at work or school for most of the day. Leaving me home alone for two weeks in cold, wintry Kansas.

I first I thought this hermitage would be great. I would catch on my shows, read the books building up on my nightstand, and even bake a little. In reality, I sit on my couch, applying for internships and watching my Facebook newsfeed flood with statuses about returning to the District.

Everyone keeps telling me “you’ll have such a great time!” or “you’ll love it,” but no one tells you how much you’ll miss your friends, your boyfriend, or the U.S. Or how it feels when everyone returns to D.C. except you. Or how hard it is to find a summer internship when your school doesn’t finish for another month and half than everyone else you’re competing against.

But I also know it gets easier. I know that things have a way of working themselves out, whether for better or for worse. I also know that I have a tendency to overreact to things, and that those who will study abroad in Latin America are dealing with the same emotions and challenges that I am.

I just have to remind myself to keep this is all in perspective. I chose to study abroad and I am lucky to be granted this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! So I just have to make the best of these next 15 days, and remember why I’m going to Costa Rica.


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