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Here are some ideas to get you started. These are just some of the many stories you can share with us. If you feel your story doesn’t fit in with one of these categories, it’s ok! We just want to hear your voice.

Leading the Way: Features a university or college program/activity that has proven to contribute to the overall success of international students including, but not limited to: academics, social interactions, integrating into campus life and cross cultural communication.

Student Success/Challenges: These are first-person narratives that international students submit to be shared with the world. Readers get a first-hand glimpse into the life of an international student.

Real World America: Everything from dating, cooking, fashion traveling the U.S., getting an American drivers license, living on campus and everything in between!

World View: Involving students in the world around them by sharing their perspectives on  news and issues.

ISV Spotlight Award: Are you a leader for other international students? Get nominated by a university administrator!

  • 8th Oct, 2011

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