Easy Holiday Treats: Oreo Snowman Cookies

international student voice magazine Oreo snowman cookies
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We’re featuring easy holiday treats each week and this week it’s Oreo snowman cookies! These are super cute and super easy to make.

These are super simple to make, absolutely delicious, and everyone will love them. They’ll think you put a lot of time into making them, but we’ll keep it a secret!

Supplies You’ll Need

international student voice magazine oreo snowman cookies

international student voice magazine orange-sprinkles

  • Two boxes of white fudge Oreo cookies. These are ONLY available during the holiday season! Oreos already come covered in white fudge.
  • One bag of white chocolate candy melts. These can be found in the baking aisle along with other decorations for desserts. Since it’s the holidays, they may be found in the food section of your grocery store as well.
  • Chocolate dessert toppings. I found the Hershey ones where there are toppings for ice cream in the grocery store.
  • Orange sprinkles

Optional supplies:

Red and green sugar sprinkles

international student voice magazine sprinkles



1. Put about 15-20 of the white chocolate chips in a bowl and put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Stir the chocolate up, there will still be chunks. Microwave again for another 15 seconds. Then stir. Keep doing this until all the chocolate melts. This is the best way to melt the chocolate so it doesn’t burn.

2. Take an Oreo out of the box and lay it on the counter or on a plate. Take one of the chocolate dessert toppings with a flat bottom, carefully dip it in the white chocolate, and start making the face of the snowman! Carefully dip one orange sprinkle and place for the snowman’s nose. See below.

international student voice magazine oreo snowman cookies


As you can see for some of them, I spread the white chocolate on the cookie and then placed the dessert toppings. I thought it looked messy, so I decided to individually dip the chocolate pieces and then place them on the Oreo.

Optional step 3.

If you want to them to wear hats like in the photo above, just take the Oreo and dip the top directly in the white chocolate, then directly dip it in the red or green sprinkles. I suggest laying the cookie down on parchment paper so it can dry and you can easily lift the cookie off afterword. I also had extra round sprinkles so I added the little red ball for the hat on one side.

These are so easy and people will love them! What a fun and easy way to show people you care and to say thanks this holiday season.

Do you have a favorite holiday recipe? Or a favorite recipe from your home country? I’d love to read it! Email me at ccircosta@internationalstudentvoice.org

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