American Culture 101: College Slang Part Two

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Here’s a continuation of American college slang. Do you know how to use these words? Hopefully, we can help!

Get (v): to understand

Ex. He just doesn’t get me.


Hit on (v): to try to seduce someone or to show romantic interest. Typically used as “hitting on someone”

Ex. That guy at the bar last night was totally hitting on me.


In no time (phrase): very soon

Ex. You just need to get started on your paper—you’ll be      done in no time!


Jam (n): troublesome situation, predicament

Ex. I’m in a bit of a jam—could you help me out?


Keep it together (phrase): means to stay calm or collected.

Ex. Max kept texting jokes to me in class, and I could barely keep it together!

It can also be used as encouragement or for advice.

Ex. Keep it together man! Finals and next week and then we get winter break—you can do this.


Laid back (adj): relaxed, easy-going

Ex. I like my physics professor because he is so laid back.


Man (n) or (interjection): 1) a term guys use to address their buddies (particularly male friends) or 2) an interjection used to emphasize a bad scenario

Ex. 1) Hey man, what’s up?

Ex. 2) Oh man! My computer crashed and now I have to rewrite my whole paper!


Not (my/his/her) cup of tea (phrase): a polite way of saying someone doesn’t like something.

Ex. Watching football just isn’t my cup of tea.


On cloud nine (phrase): ecstatic or extremely happy

Ex. She was on cloud nine when Mike asked her out on a date.


Psyched (adj): excited

Ex. I am so psyched about the party tomorrow night!


Check out this online resource to learn more American slang


This article was written by Rachel Senkler, blogger & writing intern for International Student Voice Magazine. 


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