ISV Spotlight Award Winner: Ivan Hunnitcutt

Ivan Presenting About Brazil
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Serving as a dedicated International Advocate earned Ivan Hunnitcutt from Brazil the ISV Spotlight Award! Learn how he makes a difference on campus and how you can nominate our next ISV Spotlight Award winner.

Here at International Student Voice, we want to take the time to make sure students are rewarded for their hard work and dedication to making their campus inclusive and internationalized. We created the ISV Spotlight Award to put the spotlight on a student who not only cares about his/her campus community, but takes an active leadership role.

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This nomination letter was written for International Student Voice by Cathy Lee Arcuino, Associate Director of International Programs and Services at Pittsburg State University in Kansas.

“It has been an absolute pleasure serving as Ivan’s advisor as well as being a part of his educational journey. Currently, I am the Associate Director of International Programs and Services and have known Ivan for almost three years. It has been fascinating to watch his growth as he continues to strive and reach his goals.

Ivan (left) served on the PSU Homecoming Court

For the past two years, Ivan has been one of the fifteen International Advocates (IA). This service organization is for international students to assist PSU in promoting internationalization on and off campus. Through his role as an IA, he has been very active by giving presentations about Brazil, speaking with community members about life as an international student and cultural adjustment, helping in recruiting efforts, serving as an orientation leader as well as participating in several of the International Office’s programming events (i.e. International Education Week, International Gatherings, Homecoming Parade and the Food and Culture Fair).
Many students look up to Ivan so he serves as a mentor for other international students. His knowledge of academic matters in addition  to his experience of studying and living in the States, gives him the ability to support peers on both educational and personal levels. He has never forgotten what it feels like to come to a new country, study in a second language, as well as adjust to the new surroundings and people. These factors are what motivates Ivan to succeed and augments his desire in helping his classmates to also do well.
Ivan’s friendly personality and drive has made him very well-known on campus. He has embraced life as an international student and has taken advantage of several opportunities. Ivan is an active participant in various academic and cultural clubs around campus. Ivan is in Sigma Phi Epsilon and Student Government Association. In the past he has held executive positions in the International Student Association, Brazilian Student Association and Students in Free Enterprise.

Through his participation in various clubs, he has also done hours of community service by participating in:

Ivan (middle) volunteering by helping the elderly with yard work

1) Big Event: helps elderly in the community with house and yard work
2) Basic Computer Skills Tutor: assists unemployed community members learn more skills to be marketable for jobs
3) Habitat for Humanity
Two of the biggest qualities which help Ivan to succeed, are his dedication and hard work ethic. Any task that is given to him, he completes in a timely and professional manner. If he notices that something needed to be taken care of that would benefit the overall objective, he makes sure to get it done. Moreover, his ability to manage his time and participation in extracurricular activities, exemplifies his motivation and positive outlook making him an exceptional role model for other students.”

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