It’s Sad to be Free in America

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Fadoua is an international student from Tunisia who blogs about her time studying in the United States. Read about her latest thoughts about why it’s sad to be free in America.

So we all know I am a people observer, not in a creepy way, but I do observe the behavior of people and I am guilty of coming to my own conclusion about these people but, how can I say this without sounding cocky, I am most of the time right! Like may be 99% right about my conclusions.

Anyways, every time I am on the bus going home or going to school, I like to sit near the window. I choose the window seat in any means of transportation really. So yea, while I’m in the bus, I watch people outside, or inside the bus and what I noticed lately is couples! Young couples holding hands, or engaging in a little PDA and I am not talking about Americans, I am talking about international kids, most of which are “my people” (wink, wink). I am not the kind of person who dislikes PDA, I am not against it, I actually believe that if you are blessed like that, flaunt your happiness!!

Let’s get to the conclusion part: These kids come from cultures where such an action is frowned upon and not encouraged! They come from a place where “love” is only in the looks and smiles, not in the touching and physical closeness. These kids cannot show, or flaunt their happiness. It doesn’t matter if this coupling is the real deal or not, but as long as you are happy in your relationship, do what makes you happy!

These kids get to taste freedom in America! They can breathe easy, they can do what their little hearts desire without thinking that someone is watching them and judging them (not me, I don’t judge), they can enjoy the presence of their partner without feeling guilty.

Freedom for these kids is not limited to affection and relationships, it comprises everything. Some of them take it to the max and make mistakes, which I believe is fine, as long as you learn from them.

America equals freedom for these kids and that, dear reader(s) is sad! I think feeling freedom and being relieved in a country that is not yours, is really sad!

Even though we preach about love others, respect others, don’t judge others, don’t talk bad behind others backs, we, as a society do everything we are not supposed to. It’s in the patriarchal belief system that we grew up in. We call it modesty and conservatism, which I am for, personally, but I also believe we should not take it to the extreme!

We need that sense of relief and freedom in our own home! Our countries need to break the shackles put on mostly women, preventing them from flaunting happiness. Freedom in our country should not be limited to relationships only, it should cover every aspect of our lives. We should feel free doing whatever we want, still abiding by the divine and local law of course. Our government need to stop treating us like children who need disciplining constantly. You can only do so much, really! I mean look at what happens: People either escape out and do everything in abundance, thus making more and bigger mistakes, or a sense of frustration starts building up leading to even bigger problems in the family, society, country, etc…

We need to make a difference, we need to regain control over our lives!

America needs to be just one of those countries where it would be nice to visit and act as normal as we act back home. America should not be the only provider of freedom for people of its soil. Freedom should be everywhere, no exceptions…

Fadoua in America_international student voice magazineFadoua Harrabi

Kent State University, Translation Studies


3 thoughts on “It’s Sad to be Free in America

  1. This is so true! In some countries couples are not allowed to show any type of PDA or there might be some serious punishment. It’s very unfortunate 🙁

  2. I never thought of PDA as a big deal in America, but when you hear a visitor seeing it as a form of expression they would not be allowed elsewhere, it makes you realize the kind of little things we take for granted.

  3. I agree. I was born and raised here in a largely liberal city – Detroit. I wish that so many people (especially young people) did not feel like this is the place to go wild, basically for all the reason that you stated. There are so many ways to ruin a life, but I also notice the difference in demeanor of the Saudi Arabian girls and the Indian girls (Musulim and non among the Indians). They latter seemed freer, the former seemed a bit constrained, even a bit scared it seems. It can be uncomfortable to be around people that seem afraid of you, even when you live by similar mores. I don’t associate much with them anymore. I felt wild around them and I don’t do anything immoral – nothing.

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