Taking the Road South, a Motorcycle Journey

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Imagine: eight months of traveling on motorcycle through Canada, the U.S., Mexico, clear into South America. Canadian Naomi Tweddle made this incredible journey and captured every moment with her blog. 

Written by Naomi Tweddle for International Student Voice

Even though this is such a cliché, I must confess that the first time myself and my partner, Alberto Lara, discussed doing a long distance motorcycle trip was while watching the TV show The Long Way Around.

We’ve both always been the type of people that don’t let obstacles stand in our way; we believe that we can achieve anything we decide to do. So we started learning about adventure travel and positioning ourselves to take a long trip. When the opportunity finally presented itself we cut our ties to normal life and hit the road. That day was September 13th, 2010.

Although our adventure started with a bang, when my father was involved in a serious vehicle accident not even 30km from our house (he was accompanying us for the United States leg of our journey) we returned to Canada after 8 months of travel fully intact. Our trip, however, was far from drama free. I suffered a collision with a horse in Mexico, we battled flooding in Panama and Colombia, and our engines blew up in Peru (resulting in a 6 week wait for our motorcycles to get repaired). Combine that with the insane border shenanigans throughout Latin America and the corrupt police encountered in many countries and we certainly had ourselves an adventure. Not too mention a few good stories to tell.

What I find the most appealing about adventure travel is getting to experience cultures and nature from a different perspective than most travelers. I am a motorcycle riding purist, so the emphasis for me on any motorbike trip is the riding. Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience in itself but traveling through a country on a motorcycle provides a completely different perspective compared with traditional methods of travel. Riding a motorcycle immerses one in the environment where you hear more noises, smell all the smells and see an uninterrupted panoramic view on the landscape. I feel like I am experiencing the real country. I find that riding a motorcycle provides more social opportunity to interact with people. Either because people are amazed by how you look and how your bike looks or because people ride their own motorcycles and are curious about yours. Riding a bike is a great icebreaker with local people.

My favourite parts of the trip where those unique person-to-person interactions that put a smile on your face or those riding days where you knew that you would never be able to experience something similar back home. For me, that is what adventure riding is all about.

Go full depth into Naomi’s journey, by visiting her blog: [ilink url=”http://nomi-beto-adventures.blogspot.com/”]Trip Blog[/ilink]

Below are some photographs ISV picked as our favorites from Naomi’s journey. Check out her blog and let us know which photographs you like the most!

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