How Do You Say Your Name?

international student voice how do you say your name
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Do you have your name mispronounced almost every day? Most international students do. U.S. Americans just don’t know how to pronounce certain names. One university is trying to fix that. In an effort to improve language barriers, the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business started a program that helps U.S. Americans pronounce Chinese student names. The program started September 6. Officials said students would feel more welcome, respected, and participate more if they didn’t have to use English names. Students also said it can be confusing if professors don’t say their names right. If they don’t call out the names correctly students won’t know who the instructor is addressing, so they just won’t say anything at all. So far, the program has one Chinese student working with professors teaching them how to say Chinese names. Her name is Fan Yuan (see featured photograph above). The photo was taken when she was giving a lesson to Sarah Gardial, the Dean of the Tippie College of Business. Yuan helps with both Mandarin and Cantonese. Faculty and staff can stop in once a week to practice their Chinese with Yuan. Do you help others speak your language? Do you wish there was a program like this at your university/college? Let us know!

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