I’ll Never Forget My First Time Sleeping in a King-Size Bed in a U.S. Hotel

Zijie Lu international student voice magazine
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When first arriving in the U.S., one thing that Zijie experienced for the first time was sleeping in a king-size bed! Read more.

I’ll never forget my first time sleeping in a king-size bed in a U.S. hotel. It was the first day I got to Columbus, Ohio, and I was both excited and exhausted after nearly 20 hours of flights. I arrived in the Columbus airport around 6 o’clock in the morning that day, coming from Los Angeles. When I stepped out of the plane into the refreshing air and warm sunshine, I was so relaxed and joyful! I finally made it here!

After four hours of waiting at the airport, I got on the campus bus from the airport to the Red Roof Inn. Unfortunately, there were no available rooms at the moment, so my teacher Bob  met me there and took me on a ride in his convertible around campus, and it was awesome! He was drawing a map in my mind! Then I took an one-hour walk in the Olentangy wetland research park by myself, where I saw deer and lots of birds. The environment was fascinating!

Zijie Lu international student voice magazine
My king-size bed!

Finally, I got back to the hotel at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The friendly receptionist at the front desk told me that my room with a king-size bed was ready! I was so glad with this news, and I hurried to my room in lightning speed. The moment I saw my bed I was really astonished. It was such a huge bed with such a lovely comforter! What a wonderful thing it would be to take some rest on that bed! So I did, and I fell asleep immediately. In that bed, I had the sweetest dream I have ever had.

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Zijie Lu

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