I Will Never Forget the First Time I Walked Around the OSU Campus

Yulan Lu international student voice magazine
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As an international student or as an American study abroad student, do you remember the first time you walked around your new campus?

I will never forget the first time I walked around the OSU campus. When I first arrived at the campus of The Ohio State University, I was very excited and curious about everything. My friends and I took a campus tour, and since it was still in summer break, there were few students on the campus. The weather was nice and friendly and the school was nearly empty, so we had a really great chance to walk around the campus and get to know the school we are going to spend four years at.

We started our tour at the Oval, which is a big area of lawn in the shape of an oval and it is one of the landmarks of OSU. The Oval was quiet and there were many cute squirrels jumping around.The beautiful scenery on the Oval made me fall in love with the school immediately. Then we walked through the Oval to Thompson Library.The library was big and it is a good place to study. After that,we went to the RPAC, which is an amazing fitness center with all kinds of workout equipment.We also went to see the swimming pool, and it was so nice that I want to spent a whole day there. At last, we went to our dormitory, Morrill Tower. On our way to the dorm, we saw Ohio Stadium. It is a magnificent structure with a long history, and I was excited by imagining the stadium filled with thousands of people watching football games there. Our dormitory was neat and tidy and it had a beautiful view outside the window. Everything was perfect and I couldn’t wait to move into the dorm.

The campus was large, I was kind of tired after walking around for more than an hour, but I was more proud to have such a great university. Although it was a completely new environment for me, I am sure I will get used to everything easily.The first walk on campus made me feel like that I found another home a thousand miles away from my hometown.

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