Visiting Semi yak in Bali, Indonesia

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As Olivia’s study abroad adventure in Indonesia started to come to a close, she and her friends decided to explore Semi yak, which is the tourist part of Bali. Read more!

As June 27 approached my friends and I decided we wanted to end our stay in the tourist part of Bali which was called Semi yak. We decided to book three rooms which would accommodate all six of us. WE were informed about many of the nightclubs and lounges located by our hotel. Without a doubt, I was very excited because I felt like I can enjoy myself to the fullest without worrying about an assignment being due the next day. On our first day we decided to check out Semi yak beach. This would be a memorable experience.  As we enjoyed the sun on our beach chairs three women came up to us asking if we wanted a massage, pedicure or manicure. I was very skeptical about how the women was going to do a pedicure and manicure without water and soap however she had all the materials in her hand bag. At this very moment I felt like a princess and deep down inside I knew I deserved it after a month of not being pampered. My nails turned out amazing however I wasn’t too happy with my feet I needed them to be soaked and scrubbed to the best ability. The masseuse was actually gentle and nice which I loved. I was thankful to be pampered on this hot day and decided to give them a big tip. After getting pampered we decided to walk down further to a hotel beach bar in which we really enjoyed. The Scenery of the hotel was beautiful. The pool was an infinity pool surrounded by different type of beach chairs. We ended this night by watching the sun set while we listened to the waves come up on the rise.

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The next day we had complimentary breakfast at the hotel. I was amazed at how goof their pancakes and eggs were since this was the first time since I landed that I had food similar to the food I ate back home.  After breakfast we decided to go shopping and I got three crochet bathing suits along with two crotchet crop tops the others decided to take a nap before our night out.

We planned to go to the “party city” called KUTA to attend SKYGARDEN. Our hotel provided us with the transportation which was good however they informed us we had to find our way back to the hotel. Out of six of us only four of us decided to go to the party. As we arrived in front of the party all eyes were on us. I felt like a celebrity knowing that we looked different from the typical party goers. The club had three different sections for different genre of music. The top and second floor was my favorite. These two floors played the music I enjoyed such as R&B, reggae and rap. On the third floor we met some native New Yorkers and decided to enjoy the rest of the party with them.

By 3 am, I was drained and ready to go home. My roommate Taylor was still having a conversation with one of the guys from New York and I told her me and Christina would meet her outside.  As we walked outside a group of guys started to talk to me and Christina in their native language. Suddenly all ten of the men started to surround us all I could think of was to shout “TAKUT” which means scared. Christina was holding on to me tight and I decided to break the circle up. After breaking the circle up I felt someone tug at my pursue and that when I was about to get physical however a guy we recognized from earlier asked if we wanted a ride back to our hotel. Without a doubt we told him yes however this would be a bad decision because as soon as we walked off with him we were ambushed by that same group of guys. The first thing they grabbed was my bag. As my bag dropped to the floor all I could think of was my Ipad however when I picked my bag up my Ipad was gone. I watched as this guy ran away with something in his arms. At this point I was furious and anyone who approached me I ended up cursing out. We ended up going to the precinct to file a complaint however being that my field was law enforcement I k new this was just a way to make you feel safe. However, a lady informed us this happened on the regular to foreigners.

After the whole incident I cried my eyes out and started to pray to GOD to make the rest of my stay better, to give me strength to write my final paper over and to guide me to move on from this situation. I was more hurt because my Ipad was a huge part of me. Unlike the other students, I used my Ipad to write all my papers due to my lab top charger being left in New York.  I was also mad because I actually finished my final paper and only needed to look it over one more time. This night taught me so much. It amazed me how I been Bali for a month and there was not even one time where I didn’t feel safe until this night. I don’t ever recall being so frustrated or even scared of a group of men. That next morning my heart was heavy however I was thankful that I was still alive. God woke me up with a story that I could tell my peers.  This tragedy not only made me a better person it made my final paper receive an A+. I am grateful to know that the girls who were without actually was inspired by my actions the next morning. Without the grace of GOD I don’t know how I could’ve done it.

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