Shredded Chicken Fajita Style

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If you love chicken and are always looking for new ways to cook it, Gabriela Laguna Leon has the recipe for you in her latest blog post!

If you would like to eat chicken on a different way and get more servings then you should try this recipe. For a bag of 5 pieces of chicken breast you can get 7 servings that you can include as sides or in salads. I usually will eat one per day so it lasts me for 7 days.

I have realize that to keep up with a regimen or diet or even if you are trying to change your lifestyle to a healthier one (Good for you!) is necessary to be creative. When I say this I mean that you don’t always have to eat grilled chicken, I am not saying is not good, but if you would like to vary your diet and have options then you should try this.

I enjoy to make food in many different ways, specially make a recipe in the healthiest way possible. This recipe actually happened just by me trying to copy the traditional dish from home which is called “PABELLON” made in a healthy way. Of course, this dish is made with shredded beef but I could not find it, however, I tried with chicken.

The result was much better than I was expecting but also another great thing is that when you shred the chicken it makes it seems like more, especially if you add veggies to it. With a bag of 5 pieces of chicken breast you can make 7 good servings for the week, of course, this would work for you if you are trying to save some money and also eating healthy.

There is no oil in it, except for the one put on the veggies while cooking and low in sodium.

Let me share with you this recipe!


1 Bag of chicken breast (5 pieces) or if you just want one, just boiled one (1 piece)

4 Medium Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange and Green if you like)

1 Medium White Onion

1 Tbsp of diced garlic

Salt and Pepper to taste (I added Mrs Dash without Sodium)

Spray Pam


First of all, put the chicken to boiled on a big pan. You will know is ready because it’s very white and floating on the surface, when it boils you will see some white foam on the surface and I recommend you removed this foam. It will be fat anyway.

Meanwhile, Cut all the veggies and feel more than free to add more. I really love veggies so I add a lot of them. Put then in a pan in Medium Heat and wait for a while, when they are somewhat cooked, you add the chicken. I like to leave it for a while so the chicken gets  a little bit toasted. Add some water and the rest of the ingredients, which are the condiments.

This recipe is versatile, you can put in Ziploc bags and freeze the ones you would not use , you just need to take them out and heat them so it will be ready to eat. If you cannot cook everyday then this is a good option for you to consider.

The picture and video shows the whole dish, which consists on brown rice, black beans and the shredded chicken.

Let me know if you try it.


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