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Thu Ho international student voice magazine
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Thu Ho, an international student from Vietnam studying at Orange Coast College is a finalist for the ISV Magazine Margaret W. Wong Scholarship. Read her essay here!

For the rest of my sixteen years living in Vietnam, my future career was decided by my parent’s desire. Since I was a little, I always had in mind that I would be a pharmacist just as my mom is. Until I came to U.S as an exchange student, I open my mind and understand my interest more. Over the summer holiday, I worked as a volunteer in Fountain Valley Hospital. There, I had the opportunity to meet my pre-dental friend who took me to her working place, which is a local dental office.  Couple times of visiting the dental office spark my interest in dentistry, but my own observing the dentist’s works has held my attention in recent time. I now determine to become a dentist.

Sitting in my bedroom and glancing around, my eyes fall upon a large amount of fascinating different organisms. They together combine a brilliant miniature ecosystem with billions of tiny processes and reactions. Biology simply and peacefully enters my life and inspires me to explore more about this subject. I enjoy studying “Diversity of Organism” because this subject encompasses so much of life’s issues and practicalities. Every single lecture is a new field that opens my mind and pushes me to a higher level of understanding relationship between biology and life. Learning to appreciate diversity also taught me to be a compassionate young adult, which I would not realize if I did not study in U.S.

Eager to gain hands on experience, I volunteer at Fountain Valley Hospital. There, I greet and escort 100 patients in three hours to the certain department to cure their sickness. While escorting, I communicate with patients’ family to understand more about the patient’s symptoms and the conditions that patients have suffers due to their illness; as well as aid my social skills with others. I sometimes provide assistance to coworkers to establish collaborative environment. From this, I have learnt to work as part of a large team. Working as a team is an experience that I feel would benefit me in any career and in universities, since it is essential and unavoidable in any field. I met my pre-dental friend whom I learn about dentistry while volunteering. I used to think dentists only drill and fill their patients’ teeth, but more than that they improve the quality of life through diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral diseases and conditions involving teeth. I am thankful for being a volunteer in U.S hospital even I have not graduated yet. Back in Vietnam, I would not had a chance to assist doctors or dentists if I have not earned my degree.

As an international student, I was kept resilience in a war against language and cultural barriers. However, I pull all of my confidence to become a teacher assistant in “Diversity of Organism” lab because I enjoy learning and discussing the materials with my professor and other classmates. While explaining the information to other people, I improve my social skill and correct my knowledge as well. In addition, my professor gave me advices to study science classes efficiently and encourages me to bring the best that I have to achieve my goal – dental school whether reaching that path is ten times harder than I would think.

For six years, I have been studying and being a part of the American culture. I have built up my confidence and opened my shell to explore the world. I will not be independent and live with my interest if I have not come to U.S where I have starting my new life and listening to what I deeply want.

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Home Country: Vietnam

University/College: Orange Coast College

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