Prepare for China with the Shanghai Guru

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Are you thinking about traveling to China to study, work, or visit? Perhaps you just want to learn more about the country? Check out this resource that explains what to know about the country.

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Corey Sheridan (photo courtesy

Corey Sheridan grew up on a farm in Central Ohio. He attended college in Upstate New York. Then moved to Shanghai, China in 2007. But up until then none of his previous experiences prepared him for the concrete and glass jungle of Shanghai.

“I honestly can’t even remember doing any research on Shanghai apart from locating it on a map,” Corey explains on his website. “Driving from the airport to the university where I’d spend the next three months, I was taken in by the sheer number of tall skyscrapers and apartment blocks. The city seemed to go on forever. Everything before my eyes was so different from what I was used to.”

Now after spending three years in China, Corey is a resource for others when it comes to living and working in the country. He has a website and an e-book sharing tips and resources, everything from food, public transportation, and much more!

The e-book is called China Living: A Practical Guide to Living & Thriving in China and is available to purchase online for $9.99(US). To learn more and to purchase the e-book visit

Below is a sample of his blog. This particular topic discusses what to do if an ATM eats your card (blog entry courtesy of

international student voice magazine atm card

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