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It can be hard to start living a healthy lifestyle in the United States, but Gabriela Laguna Leon is here to motivate you! Read more.

My way to get here to the USA was quite interesting, I only had a ticket that got me to Miami, from there I had to find my way to the school which was  a bus for 15 hours to Alabama, I made it safely! And that was just the beginning. I realize it is very different and it took me some time to adapt.

On what I will focus here is on the food! My favorite part!

I didn’t have a clue of what does freshmen 15 meant after I got them :D, not really 15 pounds but I got some “pounds”, and yes that first semester I just went crazy and I ate almost everything! I tried everything!!!!! From pancakes to fried tomatoes! All that also included in the “southern food”, except grits… I don’t remember to try them, they were just not appealing…

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I ate as many chocolates as I could and finally when summer was right on the corner I realize I needed to stop and go back to the habits I had back home, so I started to read more and study how I could be able to be fit again! I study many many diets when I came to the conclusion there is no better diet than eating healthy! Our body regenerates from everything that we eat, therefore if we are eating foods that has 0 nutritional value we are hurting ourselves. I also noticed that there is a difference between eating healthy and eating to get fit! to get those abs ;), well the difference is much in quantity and when to eat, especially if you are going to build muscle.

I will share my journey on how I’m trying to get those abs, and is not easy when you are a full time student and sometimes you go out or someone offers free food… (Yayy, FREE FOOD) But also I will give you advice on how you can live a normal healthy life making simple changes and you wont even realize!!!! And another great thing that goes hand to hand with this lifestyle is….WORKING OUT! Slow down! Don’t close the window yet, I’m not trying to make you go and pay a subscription to the nearest gym because I know many of us cannot afford it every month! But getting active is necessary!

Yes, it is time consuming, it will hurt sometimes, and sometimes you won’t even want to do anything! BUT, and I’m saying this with the probability it will make you happy–Study after study confirms there is a direct relationship between exercise and increased feel-good hormones. You will look good and you are doing a favor to your body!

It wont be easy believe me, but it will make you feel great from the inside-out and as I said, when you are practically on your own in a foreign country you need to be able to take care of yourself, in every aspect!

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Next articles will be released soon with much more information and if you would like me to talk about something is specific let me know by commenting below!

Live Healthy N’ Happy!


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