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Ghalya AlDhafiri is the ISV Country Ambassador representing Kuwait at Catholic University of America. Learn more about Ghalya and how you can apply to be a Country Ambassador!

Being an ISV Country Ambassador means taking initiative and creativity. We selected Ghalya because she is full of energy, passionate about her home country of Kuwait, helping international students, and is avidly creative. Read more about Ghalya below!

Name: Ghalya AlDhafiri

Home Country: Kuwait

University: Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

Although I embraced the arts and music in my future profession and academics, there is without a doubt that I have grown surrounded by political and national leadership. My father started as a teacher, professor at Kuwait University, Dean and is now Academic Ambassador at the Kuwait Embassy representing every Kuwaiti student within the nation. I truly believe that although my academics and hobbies do not embrace the idea of politics and leadership – but I also know that there are many ways through the vision of a single Kuwaiti student that there are many needs and requirements to fulfill the benefits of studying abroad. I think I know what it takes to obtain the maximum benefit of studying here in the United States not only for personal use but to make sure we know what we bring home in terms of experience, education, social evolution and looking towards a better future for Kuwait and the world as a whole.

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I’m not a professional. I am schooled in, however, the art of enjoying food.

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I feel so blessed to have been exposed to the many struggles the Kuwaiti students face here in the United States – not only here at school, but even during my connection to the Kuwaiti Embassy here in Washington DC – it is easy to see there is a need for diverse interaction, experience of other cultures and advance in linguistic practices. For two years, I worked as an International Student Orientation Advisor with my supervisor Gudrun Kendon here at the Catholic University of America. I strived to deliver the message that conveys the importance of understanding where you stand here in a different nation but also representing a nation of your own. I strived to alert them of the struggles, difficulties, hurdles, differences one may face because they are away from families and loved ones – but I also strived to teach them how to acknowledge that there are ways and methods to make the best of it.

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I believe that through good leadership, good vision and a well-thought plan, we can direct students to work to their full potential to achieve their academic goals, and also learn from other cultures and societies. I also know that through diversity one can settle differences and we can look at the bigger picture and how small we stand as individuals – only in understanding this can we make a non-bias judgment of the world, and only through understand this can we demolish stereotypes, racism, discrimination and hatred. I come from a sensitive part of this world, and there are no words that can describe how much more sensitive it is to be from that part of the world and also be in the United States; this is not necessarily a bad thing, because I also believe that in directing International Students to work to their full potential and experience the true meaning and lessons behind studying abroad it is a two-way learning process for all people involved in this experience of diversity. The United States of America is a great place to experience this because it is the main concept and purpose the founding fathers based this country on – and directing Kuwaiti students to these fundamentals and maximizing their experience benefits, we can make their study-abroad much larger than just an opportunity for a better degree, but a life lesson that can carry on forever.

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