ISV Spotlight Award Winner: Jing Wei Wu

International Women's day event
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A leader, volunteer, and friend, Jing Wei Wu is our ISV Spotlight Award winner for June. From fundraising for victims of earthquakes, to transcribing for a deaf student from China, Jing Wei is an inspiration to all students.

Here at International Student Voice, we want to take the time to make sure students are rewarded for their hard work and dedication to making their campus inclusive and internationalized. We created the ISV Spotlight Award to put the spotlight on a student who not only cares about his/her campus community, but takes an active leadership role.

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The following nomination was written by Donna McGrath, Manager of International Student Services at Okanagan College located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. 

Okanagan College would like to nominate Jing Wei Wu for the International Student Voice Spotlight Award. Jing Wei, known to all of us as Javid, is a student in the Okanagan School of Business. He is currently completing his final semester in our degree program and will continue on in a post graduate certificate program in September.

Javid (far right) meeting with students to discuss tuition issues

During his time at Okanagan College, Javid has become an integral part of the internationalization of our institution. Javid realized early on in his time in Canada that the key to having a great experience was to get involved. Javid wanted to meet Canadians, support other international students and volunteer in the local community. Javid has played significant leadership roles in SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), the Campus Diversity Working Group, the OCSU (Okanagan College Students’ Union) as Campaign Director and Chair of the OCSU-Kelowna Campus, as well as Chair of the OC CSSA (Okanagan College Chinese Students and Scholars Association). Through these various volunteer positions he has demonstrated incredible leadership. Javid is an avid athlete and is always keen to participate in any sporting activities on campus or in the community as a member of the Okanagan College team in events such as the 24-Hour Relay Fundraiser for Easter Seals Camp. Javid also referees in the College intramural programs.

Javid was a leader in the fundraising efforts in 2008 to raise funds for the relief efforts for victims of the Sichuan Chinese Earthquake. Following the tragic events in Japan last March 11, 2011, Javid once again stepped up as a leader when Okanagan College launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross. The students involved with The Hope for Japan campaign were awarded the Spirit of Kelowna Award, for their incredible efforts to raise funds and awareness.

Jing Wei (left) volunteering at the Okanagan International Marathon

For several semesters Javid has been involved with programs to assist other students, including tutoring and transcribing for a deaf student from China and as a key member of our International Student Peer Mentor Program, supporting new students with settlement, orientation and making them feel welcome at Okanagan College. The Peer Mentor position in particular, allows Javid an opportunity to encourage other students to get involved in all of the activities and events.

His various volunteer efforts are too numerous to list here; however, I would like to mention in particular the following: Javid has volunteered to assist with welcoming international visiting faculty from China, volunteer at the 2008 BC Summer Game’s and at the Kelowna Family Fun Day, as well as Okanagan College’s Chinese New Year’s, Salsa Night, Global Café, Bocce tournaments, Homestay Appreciation Day, BC Teal Conference, and the Young Chef’s

Jing Wei (far right) helping with a community garden

Internationalization happens through students like Javid who connect with students, staff, faculty, home stay families and the community to create an atmosphere of understanding, curiosity and celebration. Javid brings a positive energy to everything that he is involved in. This year, Javid was engaging and entertaining as emcee for our annual Chinese New Year’s/International Night. He used the opportunity to not only entertain the crowd, but to share Chinese culture and heritage with all of us.

2 thoughts on “ISV Spotlight Award Winner: Jing Wei Wu

  1. Wow, what a record of involvement. I think some people lack the capacity to think of many things at once and you seem to have no problem with that! Perhaps not needing much sleep helps as well. Congratulations Jing Wei

  2. What a great role model you are for us. Thanks Javid for giving so much to our community. You have proven that your success depends up to you and no one else.

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