ISV Spotlight Award Winner: Nadir Nibras

Nadir Nibras international student voice magazine
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We featured Nadir Nibras, an international student from Bangladesh in the spring 2015 issue of ISV Magazine as our latest ISV Spotlight Award Winner. Read more.

What is the ISV Spotlight Award?

To put the spotlight on an international student who not only cares about his/her campus community, but who also takes an active leadership role and serves as a positive role model for all students.

Nadir Nibras was featured in the spring 2015 issue of ISV Magazine.
Nadir Nibras was featured in the spring 2015 issue of ISV Magazine.

Mr. Jeff Simpson, the Director of Study Abroad at Oklahoma State University wrote the following nomination for Nadir:

It is an honor to nominate Nadir Nibras as an international student who is making a difference not only on our campus and in our community, but beyond.  Having word with Nadir over the past several years on various projects, I have observed in him the leadership, service, and academic talent we strive to foster in all of our students. His earnest desire to contribute to society in a meaningful way continues to define his personal goals and ambition.

As first a study abroad participant to Iceland, then as a Don and Cathey Humphreys Study Abroad Scholar, and finally as President of the student organization Cultural Exchange, I have worked directly with Nadir across many challenges and accomplishments. It has been a true pleasure to share in his growth as a young man during his time at Oklahoma State. I am not the only person to appreciate his accomplishments on campus. He has been selected as a Senior Of Significance this year, an honor bestowed to the top 20 graduating seniors who have contributed the most to our campus and community during their time at OSU. In 2014 he was selected as the OSU Philanthropist of the Year for his service to others. On top of all his service, his GPA as an honors student in mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering places him in the top 1 percent of our students. He continues to inspire me and many others with his dedication to making positive change in his world.

Nadir at the Purses with Purpose event.
Nadir at the Purses with Purpose event.

Nadir is not one to accept what is when he sees that the possibility for something better exists. This is first demonstrated in his choice of major focused on biomedical engineering. His goal is to someday return to Bangladesh and help serve the large population of injured amputees in his home country. Yet he is also driven to help improve the life and understanding off students on our campus. He spearheaded an effort to bring former sweatshop workers from the Dominican Republic to share with our students the exploitation of workers within the fashion industry. He also co-organized sporting events to raise funds for educating underprivileged and abused children in Bangladesh. As President of our One in Four Men’s Chapter (a sexual violence prevention student organization) and as founding member/acting leader of One is Too Many: OSU Alliance (formed to help encourage mandated sexual violence prevention education for all OSU students), Nadir is largely responsible for bringing to campus a new, online training program now required for all OSU students in an effort to reduce violence and assault among students. I recently noted the inclusion of OSU in Time magazine as an innovation leader in sexual assault prevention, with our recently released 1is2many training program. Such accolades for our institution are due in great part to Nadir and his undying efforts to bring about positive change.

As President of our Cultural Exchange Student Organization, Nadir encourages U.S. students to study abroad and get them involved in international activities. Nadir has studied in Brazil, Iceland, and the Dominican Republic. Nadir is genuinely interested in other people and enjoys learning from their life experiences. He is one of the most humble, conscientious and thoughtful students I have met in my seven years at Oklahoma State. He ultimately represents not only the best of our international student population, but in fact the very best of our entire OSU student population.

Congratulations Nadir!

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