Against All Odds

We took only one picture together during our entire trip
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Hook-ups, break-ups, casual sex, fights— I thought I had heard all the horror stories about couples and study abroad.


Naturally, I tried to avoid this mess by “taking a break” with my boyfriend of 7 months before my Costa Rica adventure. Little did I know how much this plan would backfire only 4 months later.

But my plan backfired in a good way- Andrew and I got back together while I was abroad. And unlike all the other couple stories I heard, we had no commitment issues and only a handful fights- many of which stemmed from my lack of Internet access.

Although Andrew is not physically here with me, he remains a big part of my life. We talk daily, even if it’s just a simple hello, and try to help each other out with our problems, ranging from RA applications to bug student voice magazine Cheesing in front of Volcano Poas

However, we didn’t truly realize our commitment to one another until we turned our dream into a reality: Andrew visiting Costa Rica. And so he packed up two huge suitcases with 6 pairs of sleeping pants and ventured outside of the U.S. for the first time to spend 10 days with me. Thus, the last week and a half has been a complete whirlwind of sight-seeing, buses and sun.

While I could retell all the things we did and describe Andrew’s facial expressions for each new adventure, food or animal he encountered, I think these pictures say it all.





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