Spring 2013 ISV Magazine Scholarship Finalists

international student voice magazine scholarship finalists
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After reading through almost 300 applications for our spring scholarship, we have selected the top 12 finalists! Read more details here.

International Student Voice Magazine offered another scholarship opportunity open to international students studying in the United States and Canada thanks to sponsor, International Student Protection.

The deadline for the scholarship was March 15, 2013. Almost 300 applications across the United States and Canada were submitted for the $750 scholarship.

Students had to write an essay answering the question: “How will studying in another country help you achieve your career goal(s)?” 

“There were so many captivating stories, it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to just 12 students,” Carrie Circosta, Editor in Chief said. “Originally we were going to have 10 finalists, but felt it needed to be 12. That should portray how difficult this process was!”

Finalists consist of students studying both in the United States and Canada.

The names and essays of the finalists will be shared March 19 through March 24. Each day, two essays will be shared on the International Student Voice Magazine website.

After each day we’ll also add the names and link to the scholarship essays at the bottom of this article.

Once all finalists have been announced, the winner will be announced on March 25.

Thank you to all who applied for the scholarship! Good luck to all our finalists.

international student voice magazine scholarship finalists

Announced on March 19: Melike Tulekova and Meiping Li

Announced March 20: Marshilla Zainal and Osama Wahba

Announced March 21: Sumadhuri Pamarthi and Adriana Pulido

Announced March 22: Come back soon!

Announced March 23: Come back soon!

Announced March 24: Come back soon!

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    1. We’ll share the essays of our finalists starting tomorrow (March 19). We’ll share two each day until March 24. The winner will be announced March 25. Finalists have not been notified so everyone finds out this week if they made the top 12.

  1. Hi, te website says that details of the summer 2013 Scholarship coming soon. But when is it coming? I cannot see ant details. 🙁

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