Bali, Indonesia 2014 Reunion

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After experiencing a study abroad it’s important to stay connected with those who shared the experience with you. ISV Blogger, Olivia Crosby shares her Bali, Indonesia study abroad reunion!

Studying abroad impacted my life in many ways, such as being able to meet a diverse group of amazing people. Each person impacted my life some sort of way either if it was being inspired by their culture, being able to relate to them, or even being able to have the same goals.

After eight months of departing Bali, Indonesia, the group was able to have Sunday dinner at this Balinese restaurant called Bali Nusa Indah. We have been anticipating this day for months, however, everyone schedule was very conflicting. We decided to build a Doodle on Facebook in which everyone stated their availability and the graduate student Jennifer used that to come up with some potential ideas. Our official date was February 8th. I was too excited since I haven’t seen many of the girls since we departed from Indonesia.

The reunion!
The reunion!

Arriving at the restaurant it was all smiles. Everyone was excited to touch base on things. Many things were discussed over dinner such as, life after Bali, goals, and the things we look forward to in the future. Taylor and I who graduated last year discussed how we both we working. Taylor was undecided what would be her next step after traveling to Austria for a month with her sister. I discussed my interest in attending graduate school in the fall either at California Baptist University, John Jay College or Argosy University.  The seniors at the table, Anelin, Emelie and Natasha discussed that they would either go into the Air force, work full time and attend Fulbright in which they would be teaching English in Bangladesh. Stephanie who graduated in December discussed how she would be adjunct for a Psychology 101 course at City College. Stanley discussed how he was interested in attending graduate school and still working full time. Zahava and Bridget who were the babies of the crew discussed how they are looking forward their junior year in which Bridget attends John Jay with the BA/MA program and Zahava is enrolled at Brooklyn College.  Five people were missing from this occasion, Tiffany and Shirley who both attends John Jay couldn’t make the occasions for personal reasons. Eddie the second boy out of the crew moved to Miami to pursue his career in nursing. Christina was getting ready for her vacation back to China to visit her parents with her husband James. I haven’t heard from the only non-Cuny student, Haruka who applied to the program for her to decide her choose of study in graduate school.  Jennifer, the only graduate student discussed how she was coming up with a proposal with John Jay to teach an environmental psychology course at John Jay. We all agreed it would be a great course to open up to the John Jay community. Our professor ,Chitra Raghavan joined us for dinner as well and discussed how the directors of the study abroad program moved on up with their careers such as moving back to San Francisco to work in a higher education system and becoming a police officer for the NYPD. She also discussed how she received some applications for the 2015 study abroad to Bali, Indonesia and how she wanted us to help her with recruiting some students. I was thrilled to be apart in recruiting because I feel study abroad is an amazing experience in which it helps you grow mentally, physically and emotionally as an individual. Overall, I feel everyone is doing a good job far as setting goals for themselves and striving for better. I hope to hear some good feedback from the discussion in our next reunion.

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