Eat, Cook, Friend by Wen-Chen Shen

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Wen-Chen Shen studying at Arizona State University shares how one of her good friends came into her life through cooking delicious food!

“Then, cover blueberries with the cream, be careful not to crash the berries,” she said, with a serious face, handing the spoon to me. I took the spoon seriously as well, as I am making blackberry muffins for the royals.

I am a sweet tooth and the thing I can never get rid of is dessert. However, I am never a good cooking person, the only thing I know how to do with dessert is to eat it. I always shop at Safeway; sometimes I would notice that I am passing by the section of DIY dessert packages. But those DIY packages never bother me, “Well, I am never going to make dessert by myself, I will burn them!” Thus, I always walk directly to the already-sliced cake area.

My cake shopping ended when Lillian stepped into my life. We met in an business writing class and we soon became good friends by doing writing assignments together. When we were still on the stage of ice-breaking she asked lots of my personal information, such as “What is your favorite food?” “When is your birthday?” I answered her without thinking too much. When my birthday came we already became good friends and that day we were going to her dormitory to discuss our writing project after writing class.

“Hey! Wen-Chen, I remembered you are a chocoholic, right?”

“Yea, I want to bathe in a chocolate fountain one day.”

“That’s so funny! Before you do that, try this first.”And there she was, with a chocolate cake made by herself, saying “Happy Birthday!” to me.

I was so surprised because I didn’t even know she was preparing for my birthday! At that day, we ended up guessing each Godiva chocolate’s flavor and had a lot of fun.

I started to think about entering the world of making desserts because I want to share the same happiness when I received my cake with my friends. With courage, I asked, “Lillian, can you teach me how to make desserts?” “Sure!” she answered with a smile on her face. From that day on, we started our journey by blending friendship with syrup together. Our first dessert was a marble cake and I almost burned it because we were talking and forgetting about the time.

Now we are making the blueberry muffin. We drained the blueberries, cracked the eggs, blending powder and sugar and covered the blueberries with cream so carefully. I am typing for the article while I am waiting for my muffins. Sometimes Lillian will teach me some slangs or informal words that I will never learn on the textbooks. “Muffin top” is my word of day. Ten minutes after, we are going to check if the muffins are golden enough and feast ourselves for another hard-working week!

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