Learning English with Spongebob Squarepants

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This little yellow sponge provided an important lesson about learning English: some words just don’t make sense.

Where oh where do I even start. English words are weird and that’s a fact. I shall rant to you why.

Why does psychology have a p when the p is silent?

Don’t even get me started with read and read. They can be both used as a past and present tense but they are pronounced different.

What happens when a dice becomes one? It becomes die. Die? Like the opposite of live? But its only one cube with six sides. Oh wait, aren’t there two different meanings to live? Live as in to continue to have life or live as in not recording and currently happening. They look the same but sound different too.

And let me tell you about rhyming in the English language. Cough and through, rough and though are definitely not allowed on the face of the earth to rhyme but why on earth does pony and bologna work?

Let us now move along to my favorite fruit, the pineapple. The pineapple is my favorite fruit because I’ve been watching and taking notes from the amazing SpongeBob from Bikini Bottom ever since I could remember. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge-Bob-Square Pants! Yes, it is him that I looked upon in my younger, wilder ages, eager to see my afterschool cartoons on the TV. And even though I did not speak a word of English I knew everything SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick were off to. But however the name of the house that SpongeBob lived in always felt off. The word pineapple confuses me. The pine part I understood because of the outer surface of the pineapple looked like a pine but the apple part is what I didn’t get. It certainly did not look alike with an apple nor does it taste like one.

Like the word “pineapple” many English words are hard to pronounce or to write but there are some that the word itself is lost in translation and even though it complicated and hard to grasp. English is a beautiful language and I appreciate that the fact I’m learning it and using it every day.

Written by HaGyung An studying at Pittsburg State University. This article was submitted through our microscholarship program.

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