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January 26, 2012

Hello everyone!

Although I was initially really excited about the thought of free email,  it turns out 50/800 ship members actually are able to be on the Internet  at one time.Needless to say, email access hasn’t been what I expected, so my apologies for not blogging sooner.

Anyways, the first week on the ship and traveling has been unreal and at most times very hard to put into words.I spent the first few days of my voyage in the Bahamas before debarking and had a great time meeting fellow SASers, exploring the Bahamas and experiencing new culture.

After the Bahamas we spent two days at a Caribbean island nation called Dominica (actually pronounced Domin-i-qua).Majority of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed there, so for those of you who have seen them you can only imagine its beauty.While in Dominica I snorkeled in a beautiful reef that has tiny bubbles popping up to the surface
(appropriately named Champagne Reef), jumped off some waterfalls, swam in a gorge, hiked to beautiful Trafalgar & Middleham Falls, chilled in some hot springs, played dominoes with the locals, and experienced as much Dominica culture & food as I possible could in 48 hours.

Top 5 fun facts from the voyage thus far…

1.Number of times I’ve been mistaken for one of the faculties kiddo’s on
the ship: 7

2.Number of times I’ve been told I look like “Pam Beasley” from /The
Office, /another ship voyager, or someone’s friend of a friend…//35

3.66% of the student body is female (lucky boys)

4.There are three students who grew up in Chagrin and one in Beaufort,
SC on the ship

5.”Meeting” hundreds of people on Facebook before actually meeting them
in real life is more awkward than one might think

Top 5 things I’ve learned thus far…

1.It’s a /ship/, not a boat

2.It’s a /voyage/, not a cruise

3.I desire to be a /traveler /and not a tourist

4.The 587 students and 200+ faculty and crew members on this ship are
some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met and I am learning new
things from them everyday

5.God has a heart for all nations and all people, and I am learning how
I fit into that story

Currently we are on our next journey to Brazil, where I will spend five days in the rainforest swimming with local pink dolphins, catching piranha and eating it for dinner (I’ve already assumed I won’t be eating that night 🙂 ), sleeping in hammocks, going on late night canoe trips to see alligators (uhh… excuse me WHAT?!?) and trying to explore everything Brazil and the Amazon has to offer.

I wish I could attach some pictures so you all could see, but unfortunately we aren’t able to because it takes up too much
bandwidth.Those who know me well can assume I OF COURSE have already tried to attach some pictures, but it really doesn’t work 🙁 .

With all that being said, I am having such an incredible time and find myself sad whenever I realize another day is over.I’m soaking up these next 100 days as much as humanly possible and am so ready to continue this journey of all lifetime…

With all my love,


**Blog post retrieved with permission from http://chelcieatsea.tumblr.com

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