Will Immigration Authorities Kick Justin Bieber Out of the U.S.?

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Apparently, Justin Bieber thought it was a great idea to throw eggs at his neighbor’s house. Now, the teen pop star may face felony charges and that means immigration gets involved.

First, I never thought I would ever be writing about Justin Bieber. Sorry, Beliebers, never been a fan.

But here I am. Why? Justin Bieber is originally from Canada. He currently resides in California on an O-1 visa, which is “supposed” to be for those with “extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics.” I would argue that’s up for interpretation.

But the young pop star decided it was a great idea to throw eggs at his neighbor’s house. And now, just like anyone else on a temporary visa, if you’re in trouble with the law, immigration authorities get involved.

Updated January 19: Because of the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act, immigrants with criminal charges can be deported. The damage to his neighbor’s house is $20,000. That means the charge is upped to a felony because it exceeds $400.

If you’re in the country on a visa status, it is your responsibility not to get in trouble. For U.S. citizens, they may get a slap on the wrist for a crime, but for those on a temporary visa you have to be extra careful. Even those with green cards, in my opinion, need to be careful. Having a green card is like being on a probationary status. It can still be easily taken from you if some immigration authority thinks you are a danger to the U.S.

Now, is throwing eggs grounds for deportation? There are certain charges that can make you inadmissible to the U.S. To keep it simple for now, pretty much anything involving drugs, prostitution, and murder.But in Bieber’s case, in my opinion it’s not grounds for deportation. Even if Bieber does get a felony charge, let’s face it. He’s a celebrity with tons of money. I would be shocked if he got deported. Not like it would be horrible, he would just go home to Canada. CANADA. And if that would happen, he technically wouldn’t be allowed to come back to the U.S. unless he got a waiver.

Police did search Bieber’s house to look for evidence of “Egg-Gate” and found cocaine. However, his rapper friend Lil Za claimed it. If the cocaine did belong to Bieber, he would be in major trouble. But for right now, it’s all just about throwing the eggs.

Updated January 19: In 2013, Bieber allegedly assaulted a guy in the Hamptons, which should have been an aggravated felony charge. Expensive lawyers to the rescue. He didn’t face the charges.

What’s the craziest thing about all of this? Beiber hasn’t been arrested for this, even though there’s a stack of evidence against him. So right now, this whole article is just hypothetical until he’s actually arrested.

What’s the real issue here? Justin Bieber. First of all, why would you throw eggs at your neighbor’s house? ┬áJust because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re above the law.

Updated January 19: What irritates me even more is that there are immigrants who get charged with lower-level offenses and they don’t have a chance. Say goodbye to the United States. But then you have someone like Bieber who can get away with not just one, but two serious offenses?

But back to reality. For all the International Student Voice Magazine readers out there, if you’re on a temporary visa just stay out of trouble. Unless you’re on a Justin Bieber level.

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  1. lol….I really do not want him to be deported,i’m a BELIEBER,a TRUE fan of Bieber.But I guess he was just bored and wanted to have some fun.Anyways,I’m gonna be extra careful..lol

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