5 Things to Miss About the U.S.

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Living in Costa Rica will nowhere resemble my current lifestyle in Kansas or my past one in D.C. And while I’m excited for the new changes, there are five things I’m going to miss.

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So I’ll begin the countdown from 5 to 1, because like with life, you always save the best for last.

5. Fast food

While I don’t frequently eat fast food, despite my former life as a McDonald’s employee, I do enjoy the luxury of having some kind of fast food chain nearby. However, I will no longer have this luxury in Costa Rica. Not many fast food chains exist outside the major cities, only small food shops called “sodas” where you can get local food for a cheap price.

4. Driving

Even though I have never driven in D.C. (for the sake of my life and others’ on the road), I drive everywhere in Kansas. Not only is a car the only way to get around here, but also I actually enjoy driving in the Midwest because I can blast the radio and sing along. So when I’m not trying to merge onto a highway or trying to navigate, I’m jamming out in my little red car.

3. Clothes

Sacrificing 80% of my current wardrobe is my biggest challenge so far. According to my parents’ research, the people of Costa Rica wear more conservative clothing than my “bimbo American” style. Therefore, I will probably look like a child from the ‘80s with my button up shirts and high jeans. And to make matters worse, the wash cycle in Costa Rica is much tougher on clothes, so my Forever 21 sun dresses and Target shirts probably won’t last one wash there.

2. Max and Mia


MiaI used to think people who were obsessed with their dogs were weird. And then I became one of them. Mia, a black labradoodle, considers herself a delicate lady and a guard dog. She will gently take treats from your hand, but howl at anything walking by the perimeter of our fence without her permission. Our white mutt Max, on the other hand, is different. At 70 pounds, he still believes he is small enough to snuggle in your lap and jump on without knocking you down. But the part I will miss is their unconditional love.


1. Smartphones

It seems odd putting an object as the thing I will miss most about the U.S., but I see my smartphone as my connection to others. I use it to text, call, Facebook, and tweet to communicate with loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Without it, I will have limited contact with those outside of Costa Rica, which will be hard and frustrating. But at the very least, I won’t have to worry about finding my phone for every time I lose it.

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