VisaMapper Shows Which Countries You Need Visas

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go to one website and it will tell you if you need a visa to visit a certain country? Well, wait no more! VisaMapper is here to help.

If you’re planning a trip and you’re wondering if you need a visa, check out the website VisaMapper.

It’s easy to use. You simply select your country of origin and then the map will turn all different colors. Each color has a meaning:

international student voice magazine visa mapper colors

I selected the United States as my country and this is what the map showed me. The good news? Looks like I can freely travel throughout most of Europe. Bad news? A visa is restricted/forbidden for me in Cuba. If you are wondering why, read about the history between the United States and Cuba here.

international student voice magazine visa mapper US

I hope you find this resource useful! This map can always change at anytime, so no matter what you should double check with your appropriate government department to determine your need for a visa.

Data for a few countries are missing, such as Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The site apologizes if you’re from one of those countries.

Try it out. What are your thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “VisaMapper Shows Which Countries You Need Visas

  1. Wow very cool! However, I would still encourage travelers to check with the embassy or consulate of the country they plan to visit before they travel just to make sure. Relationship between countries tend to change at times.

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