Our Readers Share: What I’m Doing During Winter Break

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Winter break is a great time to travel, catch up on some reading, or just relax! We asked our readers what they’re doing during winter break and here’s what they had to say.

Ellen Rehnberg-Mount Holyoke College

“This winter break I’m spending in NYC interning with an NGO called African Services. I have been working with their lawyers to help immigrants and asylees to get legal help in matters of human rights abuses, medical issues, domestic violence, and other similar issues. I have been exposed to a deep understanding of how it is to be unprivileged and in need of legal help. It has been an amazing experience so far and it has inspired me toward my own career path.”

Chuoran Liu-Franklin and Marshall College

“Two friends and I went to Miami and Key West during this winter break. We hanged out on the beach, went snorkeling, and did para sailing. They are fantastic! Winter fades away here! We saw the sunset from the sea horizon as well.”

international student voice_Chuoran Liu

Anwesh Goswami-University of Kentucky

“I mostly spent my time working in the lab (I’m a PhD student!) since I had nowhere else to go and the campus was pretty much deserted. We did organize a New Year’s party though with plenty of food!”

International Student Voice_Anwesh Goswami

Yixiao Li-University of Hawaii at Hilo

“I just moved to a new house and played online games.”

Hamid Durrani-Idaho State University

“I am not doing anything fun 🙁 Working to catch up with some bills. Happy New Year!”

Farah Rahman-John Jay College

“I am visiting my boyfriend, his family, and his friends in the Netherlands. We met in New York in February when he just started his six month internship. It has been a great holiday so far, experiencing a Dutch Christmas and New Years. We are also planning trips to Germany and Belgium!”

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Jia Yin Wee-DePaul University

“Helped sorting and organizing toys for an event called Holiday for Hope. These toys were given by people who are willing to buy gifts for children that they don’t even know.”

international student voice_Jia Yin Wee_2

Duleepa Pitigala-Georgia State University

“This winter break I did not go on any trip because I am planing to graduate in 2013 and I need to finish up my research work. So, most of my winter break I spent in my laboratory. But I took a three day break from Christmas eve to the boxing day. During those three days I stayed at home and watched a few movies on TV and wished for a snow fall, to have a little fun.”

Donghwa Yun-New York City College of Technology

“After celebrating Happy New Year I tried to go back to routine life as soon as possible. However, it’s hard because I have another exciting plan now. I am supposed to participate in the Disney College Program for Spring semester 2013, so I am preparing to leave for Orlando now. Buying air ticket, preparing several documentations, packing…it will be one of the biggest events in my life.”

international student voice_Donghwa Yun

Van Vu-Onondaga Community College

“My winter break started a little bit late compared to other schools. I was so busy for the final exams, so I didn’t have time to make any plans for this break. I mostly stayed at my apartment since it’s always snowing really hard. My friends told me that I got lucky last winter because it didn’t snow a lot. This winter is the first winter I see this much snow falling. It’s so beautiful. I took lots of pictures to show my family and friends in my country.”

international student voice_Van Vu

Lumei Liu-North Carolina A&T State University

“I went to Myrtle Beach.”

international student voice_Lumei Liu

Bahareh Gharehgozlou-Kent State University

“Visiting NYC for the first time!”

international student voice_Bahareh_2

Mitsushi Mitsudome-Murray State University

“I came to my friend’s house in Dayton, Ohio. I spent time with him and his daughters.”

international student voice_Mitsushi Mitsudome

Gabriel Kang-University of Kentucky

“I went to Chicago with my friend because there was a church retreat in Chicago. After that, I went downtown with friends.”

Allie Balausky-University of Minnesota Duluth

“I went to Kessel, Germany to visit a friend I met in high school when she was studying abroad in America. So far we’ve visited Frankfurt and Berlin.”

Ulrike Drevenstedt-Saginaw Valley State University

“I was so excited when winter break finally started, because it meant spending more time with my host family (whom I stayed with when I was an exchange student in high school ten years ago) and reuniting with my mom from Germany. She came over for Christmas and we all went to Las Vegas together. We had a great time! My year got topped off with an awesome concert for NYE, so my winter break couldn’t have been better!”

international student voice_Ulrike Drevenstedt

Hannah Dillenbeck

“I have been working for an international education provider, El Nomad, in Ecuador since September and will be here until the end of March! It has been an incredible journey thus far!!”

international student voice Hannah Dillenbeck

XiaoXiao Lu-Colby Sawyer College

“Travelling around in Houston, Boston, and New York City.”

international student voiceXiao

 Thanks everyone for sharing!


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